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Eye shadows are a daily used product for all ages nowadays. A trend to follow! Women are more attracted to glamour and beauty. Even with the packaging they are selective about their choices. Eyeshades are always customized and used daily so a whole palette is obtained instead of purchasing a single shade.

Customized packaging is also a trend among the companies as they enhance the quality of the products that are being delivered. The more you want to up bring your exceptional product the better and customer chosen customization you can do. Don’t worry our company is here for you. NOVA CUSTOM BOXES provide excellent and premium customized eyeshadow boxes as per your demand. Customized material can also be used.

We provide you with a variety of custom card board options in which we include hard kraft and white upfront cardboard range too. ECO-FRIENDLY cardboard are also available

Eyeshades are available in shimmery, glossy, matte and texture shades as per the mood of customer in palettes. NOVA CUSTOM BOXES have started an initiative to get all kinds of printing type as per your designed premium eyeshadow palette.

Your company can get as much customization as you want. Customized colors, sizes and shapes are available.

NOVA CUSTOM BOXES has also introduced custom 3D printing on your customized eyeshadow box to beautify your product and be of a good sale for your customers.

Our online portal help you design and play with your own design which gives you an option of varied thickness of your cardboard.

Our graphic designers are here to help you with your customized mockups that will help you decide about your product before the designing process has even started.

Each day is a new shade, so why not we get our customized day with customized eyeshadows.



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