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Serums are the latest trends that have emerged in beauty industry over the years. Essential oils and many useful chemicals are mixed to make an effective blend of serum. Serums are available in a vast variety and for all ages and skin types. The usage of serum shows the level of self care among the people. There are different qualities and viscosities of the serum being chosen i.e, anti-aging, anti-acne, hydrating or any other.

Serum bottles come in different shapes and sizes and range according to their type and charges.  So their boxes are also varied. NOVA CUSTOM BOXES is here to provide a variety of CUSTOM SERUM BOXES according to serum type.

Serum packaging can help the beneficial components of the serum to remain intact without losing their effectiveness. Many sensitive components erode because of environmental factors. Premium Packaging provided by NOVA CUSTOM BOXES will be according to your professionally designed serum. The grace and elegance will be enhanced by the customized serum boxes.

The range of cardboard boxes that we are using will provide protection to your sensitive serum ingredients against sunlight and radiation and increase the durability of your product.

The customized packaging of your serum bottle will contain information of the ingredients and will further provide an exquisite picture that will get the customer’s eye. Just like you create the perfect blend of their ingredients our customized printed serum boxes will create the perfect marketing mix visualization.

Sustainable packaging in this new era is a trend of ultimate marketing concepts. The shiny patterns and logos of your company help your product to give a glamorous look. Give your customized Serum a Customized packaging.



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