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How To Make Custom Shipping Boxes [Simple Steps Guide 2023]

Judy Rice

Judy Rice is a highly experienced writer specializing in the food, beverage, and packaging industries. With over 30 years of expertise, she has crafted numerous articles tailored to meet the customized needs of...

Making custom shipping boxes is a great option for anyone wanting to assert more control over their packaging. It also allows you to customize your box’s colors, logos, and other elements. 

It can help businesses create strong brand recognition among customers. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder many entrepreneurs are jumping on board with this new trend.

You don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter sizes and shapes anymore. Now you can easily make custom shipping boxes that will fit any size or shape of the product.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to make custom shipping boxes for any size or shape of product using CBD Cigarette Boxes, CBD Spray Boxes, or Foundation Boxes

By following these steps carefully and precisely, you can quickly create the perfect custom packaging boxes for your needs!

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How To Make Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom packaging boxes ensure your item is shipped safely and securely. They are also customizable, allowing you to design your box for shipping in whatever shape or size you require. Still, trying to figure out where to begin? No problem! 

Nova Packaging provides the materials, expertise, and customer service to help you create custom packaging boxes perfect for shipping any item. 

Ideal for businesses looking for cost-efficient solutions or individuals who need to send something special with a one-of-a-kind touch. With Nova Custom Packaging, creating your box for shipping was never easier!

Can I Make My Box For Shipping

How To Make Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes have become more famous recently as businesses look to add unique touches to their shipments. Yes, you can indeed make your box for shipping.

Depending on your needs, various custom box types are available, including Pharmaceutical Boxes, Serum Boxes, and custom retail packaging

Whatever type of custom box you need, some solutions will help you get exactly what you’re looking for – Plus, with the right box maker, it’s easy and cost-effective to create custom boxes for all your shipping needs.

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How To Make Custom-Size Shipping Box

Custom-size shipping boxes can be the perfect solution for many businesses that need to package and ship their items. Customized packaging boxes ensure that whatever item you are sending is kept secure in transit while still keeping it lightweight and delivering it safely to its destination. Nova Packaging is a great go-to source for creating custom-size shipping boxes tailored to your specifications. With their expert staff, you can get a professional design for any product packaging needs, regardless of size or complexity. Custom packing boxes from Nova Packaging will ensure your products arrive safely without sacrificing quality.

How To Make Custom Boxes For Shipping – 5 Easy Steps:

Are you looking for an easy, cost-effective way to make custom boxes ideal for shipping and packaging? Look no further! With Nova Packaging Boxes and our five easy steps, you can create the perfect box—one that is designed to fit your product while protecting it during transport.

  • First, specify the size and type of box material you require.
  • Next, select from our various styles, including foldable and rigid options.
  • Third, design your custom artwork or logo exactly how you want it.
  • Fourth, choose from various finishes for added effect.
  • Lastly, place your order and receive quality boxes within several days!

What are you waiting for? Follow these simple steps and get custom boxes for shipping today with Nova Packaging Boxes!

Materials And Tools To Make Custom Shipping Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is often the best material for making sturdy, custom shipping boxes that will protect and showcase your products while they’re in transit. Corrugated cardboard comprises two flat liners with a fluted layer between them, and its shape creates strength in both directions. 

The flutes provide cushioning for the products inside and insulation against temperature changes. Additionally, 8x8x4 cardboard boxes can be easily printed or laminated for a professional look.

Tools Or Material:

The tools needed to make these boxes also depend on the size and type of package you need. If you are creating a simple box from scratch, you will likely need

  • A ruler
  • Scissors or a box cutter
  • Craft paper glue, or double-sided tape to seal the panels together


Reinforce the corners and packaging tape to secure the box for shipping. For more complex packages, an automated box maker may be necessary. 

Automatic box makers use pre-cut materials and assembly machines to quickly produce customized boxes in large volumes with minimal waste.

Finally, additional features can be added to your custom boxes using inserts such as foam cushioning or die-cut foam that provide extra protection and stability during transit.

Inserts can also include dividers to separate items within the package or trays that are custom fit to each product for an added touch of luxury when unboxing your products boxes such as Candy Boxes or Cookie Boxes.

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Pros of Making Custom Shipping Boxes

1. Increased Security

By designing a custom box, companies can ensure their products fit snugly and securely within the box, preventing any damage or tampering during transit.

2. Enhanced Marketing Potential

Custom-designed boxes are often seen to represent the company’s brand, allowing them to reinforce its message and create stronger customer loyalty.

3. Improved Sustainability

Companies reduce their environmental footprint by using biodegradable materials such as cardboard and jute to create boxes that are better suited for reuse and recycling practices.

4. Cost Savings

Companies may save money by purchasing custom boxes in bulk instead of one-size-fits-all packages, which require more frequent replacements due to wear and tear.

Cons of Making Custom Shipping Boxes

1. Higher upfront investment

Companies must invest more time and money into designing custom shipping boxes, which could hinder smaller companies with limited resources.

2. Quality control issues

It cannot be easy to ensure all custom packaging meets quality standards without proper testing procedures or thorough inspections before production.

3. Production Issues

Suppose the dimensions of the custom box are incorrect, or there is an issue with certain production elements. In that case, it can delay shipping orders on time, hurting customer satisfaction levels.

4. Restricted Design Options

Depending on the type of product being shipped, there may be limited design possibilities due to size constraints or other factors that must be considered when creating the box’s design.

Closing Thought

Custom shipping boxes are a great way to ensure your product arrives safely. With the right materials and tools, you can easily get your answer on how to make custom shipping boxes that will protect your products and make them stand out from the competition. 

With some creativity and effort, you can transform standard shipping boxes into eye-catching containers that showcase your company’s branding with style.


Judy Rice is a highly experienced writer specializing in the food, beverage, and packaging industries. With over 30 years of expertise, she has crafted numerous articles tailored to meet the customized needs of her clients. Judy's extensive knowledge extends to various aspects of the industry, including packaging materials, machinery, and technology applications.