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What Is Cryovac Packaging?

what is Cryovac Packaging
Judy Rice

Judy Rice is a highly experienced writer specializing in the food, beverage, and packaging industries. With over 30 years of expertise, she has crafted numerous articles tailored to meet the customized needs of...

While searching for different packaging available in the market, you must wonder what is Cryovac packaging. How might it benefit your business? The revolutionary vacuum-sealing technology offered by Cryovac has revolutionized the food service industry, providing businesses of all sizes with reliable, cost-effective storage solutions. 

Let’s dig into why Cryovac is quickly becoming an essential part of many companies supply chains — no matter their size- from greater shelf life to improved product safety. So read on if you’re looking to learn more about cryogenic packaging!

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What Is Cryovac Packaging?

Cryovac packaging is a modern, innovative way to preserve and protect food products. This type of packaging involves sealing food products in a vacuum-sealed, airtight bag. Cryovac packaging is particularly useful for perishable goods such as meat, fish, and dairy products. The vacuum sealing process effectively irons out air pockets that could lead to spoilage or contamination. 

By keeping oxygen away from the food products, the packaging dramatically extends its shelf life. Additionally, cryovac packaging is also eco-friendly as it reduces the amount of plastic used, which is great for the environment. With cryovac packaging, you can enjoy fresh, flavorful food for longer while minimizing waste!

Types Of Cryovac Packaging Materials 

Types Of Cryovac Packaging Materials
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Regarding packaging, Cryovac offers a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Here are some common types of Cryovac packaging materials:


It is a plastic type commonly used in packaging due to its durability, flexibility, and low cost. Polyethylene Cryovac packaging is ideal for preserving food products such as meat, cheese, and nuts.


Nylon packaging is preferred for its ability to maintain the flavor and freshness of packaged food products. It is also great for vacuum sealing and preserving the quality of coffee, baked goods, and snacks.


Polyester packaging is widely used in the food processing and packaging industry. It is popular due to its high strength and excellent chemical resistance, which makes it suitable for holding products such as oils, sauces, and dressings.


Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer commonly used in packaging applications for its excellent heat resistance and stability. Polypropylene Cryovac packaging is ideal for spices, powders, and dried foods.

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Advantages Of Cryovac Packaging Materials 

Advantages Of Cryovac Packaging Materials
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If you are looking for eco-friendly box options for your bakery products like cake boxes, cookie boxes, or other food items, Cryovac offers a wide range of packaging materials, including bakery boxes that are specifically designed to preserve the quality and integrity of your products for extended shelf life.

Here are some advantages of Cryovac packaging materials:

High Barrier Properties

Cryovac packaging materials have exceptional barrier properties that protect the contents from the air, moisture, and other environmental factors that can cause spoilage or contamination. These properties help preserve the quality and integrity of the packaged products.

Extended Shelf Life

Cryovac packaging materials’ high barrier properties also help extend the shelf life of packaged products. With vacuum sealing technologies allowing for better preservation and extended freshness, products can retain their quality for longer.

Increased Product Visibility 

Cryovac packaging materials are designed to enhance product visibility, which can appeal to potential customers. Clear packaging can display brightly colored food products without distortion and create an attractive look.

Cryovac packaging materials have certainly revolutionized the food service industry. They have made packaging more reliable and cost-effective and have created exceptional solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

With a wide range of types and their advantages, there is no doubt that Cryovac packaging materials are essential to many businesses’ successful supply chains.

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Cryovac Vs. Vacuum Seal (Vacuum Sealed Packaging)

It is a method of packaging that aims to extend the shelf life of food products by removing air from the package. This type of packaging is achieved by placing food into a plastic bag, removing the air with a vacuum sealer, and then sealing the bag tightly. 

Vacuum-sealed packaging is commonly used in both the food and non-food industries, and it is often seen as a cost-effective and reliable way of preserving products.

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Differences Between Cryovac And Vacuum Sealed Packaging

Manufacturing Process

Cryovac and vacuum-sealed packaging rely on similar principles, but their manufacturing process has some key differences. Cryovac, for example, is a brand of vacuum-sealed packaging that utilizes specialized materials and machinery in its production. 

The method of Cryovac involves packing food products in a high-barrier, vacuum-sealed bag, which is then heat-sealed and cooled in a controlled environment. Vacuum-sealed packaging, on the other hand, is generally produced using simpler machinery and materials.


One of the main differences between Cryovac and vacuum-sealed packaging can be found in their respective performance. Cryovac boasts a range of benefits, including improved product safety, extended shelf life, and increased food quality. 

It provides superior product protection, preservation, and a range of added attributes such as leak resistance and durability. While vacuum-sealed products can still provide improved storage and preservation, they may not perform as well as Cryovac products in terms of safety and quality.


Another key difference between Cryovac and vacuum-sealed packaging is the cost factor. Cryovac products may be more expensive than other types of packaging due to the specialized materials and machinery used in their production. 

However, Cryovac products also offer significant benefits that may justify the additional cost for many businesses. Alternatively, vacuum-sealed packaging is generally less costly since it is less specialized and requires less expensive and complicated machinery.

Cryovac and vacuum-sealed packaging offer benefits in their own right; the specialized materials and manufacturing processes used in Cryovac make it an ideal solution for businesses seeking superior product protection and shelf-life extension. 

Ultimately, the decision between the two types of packaging will depend on your business’s specific needs and budgetary concerns. Regardless of your choice, vacuum-sealed packaging remains a valuable asset in the food industry and can help your business ensure product safety and quality while reducing waste and costs.

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How Long Does Cryovac Meat Last In The Freezer?

Regarding food storage, the length of time that meat can be kept frozen safely depends on various factors. Temperature is one of the biggest factors determining how long cryovac meat will last in the freezer. Generally, most meats can be stored at 0°F or below with acceptable levels of quality and safety for up to 18 months, depending on their fat content. 

Additionally, the specific packaging environment where the cryovac meat is stored must also be taken into consideration—for instance, if frozen meats are stored inside a walk-in freezer that’s not airtight and isn’t operating at an ideal temperature, then these conditions can cause the product to degrade more quickly due to thawing and refreezing cycles.

 Proper handling and transportation from farm to fork are also essential for maintaining maximum shelf life; if cryovac packages are exposed to hot temperatures during transport or before freezing, this will decrease their overall storage life.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Frozen meats packaged in Cryovac material and stored under ideal conditions can help extend their shelf life. Ideally, they should always be kept at 0°F (or even lower) with a humidity level below 70%

Storing cryovac meat in deep freezers and maintaining a constant chill factor helps ensure that these products are preserved properly and remain safe for consumption over time. Keeping freezers away from direct sunlight or other heat sources also helps maintain optimal storage conditions.

Guidelines For Safe Meat Storage

Several key guidelines should always be followed when storing cryovac meat; certain factors such as temperature, hygiene protocols, handling techniques, and proper thawing methods must be considered to keep products safe for consumption. 

Before freezing any cryovac packaged meat, it must reach a temperature below 40°F. Otherwise, bacteria growth may occur, which could put consumers at risk if consumed after thawing out again later. It’s also important to regularly check expiration dates and discard expired items.

Moreover, all meats should be double-wrapped before being placed inside deep freezers to prevent freezer burn from occurring.

Determining The Safety Of Frozen Meat

To determine whether or not frozen meats have been stored properly using Cryovac packaging technology, three key indicators need checking: 

  • look for signs of frostbite or discoloration — if any changes have occurred, then this suggests that there has been some alteration in either temperature or humidity within the freezer.
  • Check for off flavors or odors – this could indicate spoilage due to improper storage temperatures.
  • Examine the texture, color, and aroma – changes like these could mean bacterial contamination has occurred due to mishandling during transport or improper storage techniques used at home or businesses, etc. If any of these indicators suggest spoilage has occurred, discard it immediately, as eating spoiled food carries serious health risks!

Proper Handling And Cooking Of Frozen Meat

Safety is paramount when cooking with frozen meats; once defrosted, they must reach an internal temperature between 145-165°F before serving and consumption; otherwise, food poisoning risks exist! 

Additionally, it’s important not to use cross-contamination methods like cutting boards or utensils used for raw poultry later on cooked dishes—this will help prevent bacteria from spreading between different meals prepared in your kitchen! 

And finally, make sure you follow manufacturer instructions regarding reheating times and temperatures listed on each product carefully, as overcooking can lead to foods becoming dry and tough which may decrease flavor or appearance greatly too!

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Cryovac Packaging With Nova Custom Boxes

Cryovac packaging has become a popular choice for businesses in the food service industry due to its reliable and cost-effective storage solutions. With the addition of Nova Custom Boxes, businesses looking to improve product safety and extend shelf life are taking their packaging solutions to the next level.

Cryovac packaging utilizes vacuum-sealing technology, which removes all air from the packaging to create an airtight seal. This process is essential in preserving food quality and preventing contamination from external factors such as bacteria, moisture, and oxygen. 

Additionally, removing air helps prevent freezer burn and extend product shelf life. Cryovac packaging provides an ideal solution for a wide range of food products, including fresh meat, cheese, fruits, and vegetables.

Nova Packaging complements Cryovac packaging by providing custom boxes that are perfectly designed to fit the specific dimensions of the product being packaged. It ensures that the food product stays secure during transit and is protected from any damage or contamination that may occur during transport. 

Additionally, custom food boxes provide an excellent branding opportunity, allowing businesses to showcase their brand on their packaging.

Cryovac packaging with Nova Custom Boxes provides businesses with several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, improved product safety, and extended shelf life.

By utilizing these packaging solutions, companies can reduce waste, cut costs, and ultimately increase their profits. Additionally, customers receive high-quality, safe, fresh products with the added benefit of being packaged in branded boxes.


In today’s competitive business environment, it is essential to have reliable and cost-effective storage solutions for food products. Hopefully, you got an answer: what is Cryovac packaging, and how does Nova Custom Boxes offer businesses of all sizes a superior packaging solution that improves product safety and maximizes shelf life? With the addition of custom-made boxes, businesses can enhance their branding and provide customers with a unique, high-quality experience.


Judy Rice is a highly experienced writer specializing in the food, beverage, and packaging industries. With over 30 years of expertise, she has crafted numerous articles tailored to meet the customized needs of her clients. Judy's extensive knowledge extends to various aspects of the industry, including packaging materials, machinery, and technology applications.

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